Help make a difference: 1,760 tonnes of batteries are not collected

We all know that we cannot throw our spent batteries in the bin because it will affect our environment. Yet only just over half of all batteries in Denmark are sorted correctly and sent for recycling. Therefore, Elretur has launched a new campaign to make it easier to store the spent batteries before they are handed in for recycling. In 2019, we bought almost 4,000 tonnes of batteries in Denmark. 56% are collected and sorted correctly, so that they can be recycled. Unfortunately, the remaining 44% are not. This corresponds to 1,760 tonnes. On average, approx. 60% of the material in a battery is recycled, including iron, lead, copper, nickel, manganese, cobalt, iron, brass, zinc and aluminium. The rest is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. This is good business both economically – as it is cheaper to recycle these metals than to extract them as raw materials, and environmentally – because we are protecting nature. It is therefore important that we become even better at sorting our batteries correctly. “We are already well on our way in terms of recycling batteries, but at the same time, there is a potential for a big return if we improve further. Sorting batteries properly is an area where, as individuals, families and companies, we can make a big difference to the environment and contribute to a sustainable consumption of the total resources. Every battery counts,” says Morten Harboe-Jepsen, director of Elretur. Get a battery box. Unsorted batteries typically go in household waste or in with the small combustibles at the recycling centre. Another major source of incorrect sorting is the batteries in e.g. used toys, where the batteries are not removed when the toy is discarded. This also applies to other electronics. In everyday life, many of us do not know where to put spent batteries until they are sent for recycling. That is why Elretur has created a GO-CARD campaign, where you can get your own smart box for storing spent batteries from 540 cinemas and cafes across the country. The box is available as a “regular” postcard in the well-known GO-CARD racks. Take the postcard home and fold it into a box. “We Danes are very environmentally conscious and know very well that batteries must be recycled. Our postcard box is a friendly reminder, and a kind and helping hand in everyday life, helping you put the spent batteries aside so that they do not end up in the bin or remain in that remote-controlled car,” Morten Harboe-Jepsen says. Options for recycling in your municipality How you should sort and hand in your spent batteries depends on several different things including your municipality and type of housing. However, you can always take your batteries to the recycling centre. Click this link if you want to know more about the options in your municipality: Facts: Why batteries must be recycled

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